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Catch More Bridge Bass by Altering Crankbait Casting Angles

Bass fishing phenom Seth Feider proves that bridges are excellent places to catch staging prespawn bass, but many anglers fail to milk these spots. It’s tough to beat a crankbait once water temperatures reach the coveted low 50-degree range, but it is essential how you present the bait. Feider advises making constant adjustments to your crankbait angles. Doing so shows the lure to the fish differently, be it how they’re positioned relative to current or structure or how the bait deflects off the bottom.


While it’s common to catch a few initial “hot” fish, subtle angle changes and opposite casting directions are often crucial to getting an extra bite or several, as in this video. Feider agrees that he usually sees boats hitting prime bridges from a limited number of angles, leaving an abundance of untouched bass. Keep micro-angle changes in mind the next time you catch a fish on a bridge, and you’re bound to scratch out a few more.