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Catch Big Bass in Post-Spawn | Frog Fishing Guide

For Texas-based bass pro, Keith Combs, a frog is one of the best baits for generating big bites, especially during the post-spawn period. This video highlights key frog fishing strategies, tackle tips, and the excitement of fishing with one of the most effective big bass lures: the hollow body frog.

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Combs dispels the myth that early morning is always the prime time for topwater fishing. He demonstrates how to make the most of the midday bite when temperatures rise and bluegills are most active, thereby triggering larger bass to feed. His focus on using hollow body frogs proves effective in the grassy habitat. In a sea of grass, Combs focuses his efforts on areas with a mix of vegetation and deeper channels where big bass retreat post-spawn.This video is a comprehensive guide to understanding fish habits and habitat, particularly their post-spawn environment.


Attention to gear is crucial for successful frog fishing. Combs recommends a 200-size casting reel. The bigger spool is needed so you can maintain an adequate amount of 50- to 60-pound braid on a long cast. His tool of choice is a Shimano Curado but with a lower gear ratio around 6.2:1. He still maintains decent line pickup with the bigger spool, but has more winching power with the 6.2:1 for getting the fish up and out of the cover. A beefy rod is a must for solid hooksetss and horsing fish clear of the thick stuff.