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Best Lures for Fall Bass Fishing | A Finesse Approach

Pro bass angler Brett Chapman takes us on a fall bass fishing outing, revealing the effectiveness of using finesse moving baits to locate and trigger pressured fish. Small shad are often the most prevalent baitfish this time of the year, so Chapman seeks to match the hatch with similarly-sized lures. He discusses the nuance of efficient target casting with small crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits around docks and other shoreline cover.

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Chapman explains its fish-triggering ability of buzzbaits during the fall. Downsizing is the name of the game, and buzzbaits excel, particularly around docks and in falling water levels. As Chapman continues breaking down docks, he reaches for small crankbaits to locate bass at different depths. A crankbait is one of his best lures for finding productive stretches. He uses them to develop a milk run that he’ll return to with other lures later in the day.

Similarly, small spinnerbaits offer the appeal and depth versatility of both a topwater and subsurface lure. Chapman stresses the importance of using a trailer hook to increase hooking percentages, especially when targeting pressured fall bass.

Small baits fish best using casting rod setups optimized for light lures and lines. Chapman details his go-to casting reel and rod setup for making accurate casts in and around shoreline cover such as docks and laydowns. Apply these techniques to score solid catches this fall on a lake or river near you!