Berkley PowerBait Power Switch | A First Look at Wired2fish

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Wired2fish caught up with Berkley product designers Kyle Peterson and Aaron Wavra at Berkley Labs for an in-depth look at the Berkley PowerBait Power Switch. This unique multi-species lure features design elements that allow it to excel when used in unison with forward-facing sonar. While it performs without forward-facing sonar, the design team explains how this freestyle jig-encased plastic baitfish imitator comes to life in various depths and retrieval methods.

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Peterson and Wavra delve deep into the innovative aspects of this bait, demonstrating how it can trigger an innate response from the fish through its erratic and unpredictable darting action. Central to “video gaming” effectiveness with forward-facing, the Power Switch quickly gets down to the desired depth due to its density and design.

The uniqueness of the bait lies in its patent-pending design that delivers varied and unique actions. With the forward pull point and most of the lead in the head, the Power Switch achieves erratic, large darting actions uncommon with other baits. Additionally, it’s constructed with PowerBait plastic, which emits fish-triggering scent and subtle movement at rest.

Wavra shares the story behind the creation of this bait, highlighting its inception, stemming from the advent of forward-facing sonar technology. This bait is not just a testament to innovation but a response to the changing dynamics of fishing, accommodating the needs of modern anglers to understand fish reactions quickly and adapt their lure to the fish’s mood.

Expanding the range of its versatility, the Berkley PowerBait Power Switch comes in six sizes catering to different species, from panfish to walleyes, proving its adaptability and multi-species appeal. Whether working mid-water, bumping cover, or dragging along the bottom, the Power Switch is a versatile lure.