Berkley PowerBait Nessie Design Intent and Features

Berkley Soft Bait Designer Kyle Peterson provides an overview of the Berkley PowerBait Nessie, a unique soft body glide bait. Designed at Berkley Labs and in collaboration with Mike Iaconelli, Peterson walks us through the design process and the bait’s unique attributes. The intent? To deliver a versatile and accessible glide bait bridging the gap between everyday anglers and high-end users.


The Berkley PowerBait Nessie is a soft glide bait that combines traditional glide bait action with a soft body. The PowerBait material used in the Nessie lends it a softness, enabling more fluid, natural movement in the water, distinguishing it from its more rigid counterparts.

On to features, Peterson highlights Nessie’s unique hook clip system, designed for efficient casting, especially when skipping under docks. Berkley added two hard fins to counter the semi-buoyant body. The fins draw the bait down and deliver stability across various retrieve styles. High-end touches such as a paintbrush tail and detailed colorways add additional realism.

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