An Easy Tweak to Secure Your Lure Skirts

Whether you’re on a hot bite or you’re skipping your bass fishing lures underneath overhanging cover, your lure skirts take a beating on a regular basis. If your lure isn’t equipped with a wire-tied skirt, this can often lead to your skirt falling to pieces or sliding down the shank of the hook. Before you get frustrated and throw the lure away, however, consider this money-saving tip.

Wired2fish staff member Walker Smith explains how some simple floral wire and a pair of pliers can solve this common problem. He starts with just a few inches of floral wire and wraps it around the skirt of the lure. He then twists the tag ends with his fingers before tightening the wire with a sturdy pair of pliers. After trimming the excess wire, you’re left with a bulletproof skirt that can take all of the abuse you give it.


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