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Advanced Walleye Fishing with Jerkbaits

Always on the quest to catch fish using new methods, Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson encounters the power of jerkbait fishing walleyes during a bass fishing outing. He explores the new technique of long-lining (strolling) walleyes by making targeted casts to active schools of fish using Garmin Panoptix LiveScope, then triggering bites by making on the fly adjustments to his jerkbait cadence.

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While trolling hard baits produces scores of walleyes, forward-looking sonar reveals they’ll often deny fast-moving lures zipping past, yet eat the same bait fished with a slow and methodical approach. Peterson details how to work deep-diving jerkbaits using the wind and long drifts (long-lining/strolling), then trigger following walleyes by manipulating the bait in response to their mood. This is a cool case study in how fish finder technology is opening the door for new and innovative ways to catch fish.


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