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5 Tips to Catch More Bass on the Whopper Plopper

Many bass anglers have come to rely on the River2Sea Whopper Plopper for getting the big bites – professional bass angler James Watson is in those ranks and shares some specific guidance on how he fishes it and the type of equipment required to handle this heavy plug.

For James, success starts with dedicating lots of time to fishing the lure. It produces bites, but it’s the amount of 3-pound plus bites that make it tough for him to set his Whopper Plopper rod down. One tweak James makes is swapping out the stock hooks for larger round bends, but perhaps most importantly is the equipment. A long and heavy power rod coupled with 50 lb braid prevents you from tiring while providing the power for long casts, strong hooksets and the ability to handing big fish.