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3 Proven Methods for Fishing Glide Baits That Produce Giant Bass

There remains a shroud of mystery and intrigue surrounding the glide bait lure category. These baits have proven themselves through scores of giant fish in hardcore bass fraternities, yet many anglers don’t understand when and how to fish them. This video is aimed squarely at breaking down walls and answering those questions. Simply put, glide baits are built to serve anyone that wants to catch big predator fish, and it’s not rocket science.

Wired2Fish teamed up California bass fishing expert Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams with the simple goal of teaching fisherman how to work these baits under different situations. Oliver explains the importance of initially learning how to fish glide baits in clear water so you can see and feel how rod and reel motion moves the lure. This positive visual feedback develops confidence and the muscle memory required to successfully work these baits when they can’t be seen. Oliver then delves into the 3 most common ways to work glide baits that generates strikes under different conditions.

The other main takeaway is that anybody with basic bait casting skills can easily fish these lures. A cast and reel approach works, but much like jerkbaits, glide baits can be freestyle-fished to produce custom moves that gamefish aren’t conditioned to. And this big bait category isn’t limited to bass. Glide baits like the Megabass I-Slide resemble a range of forage from hitch, gizzard shad, trout, cisco, whitefish and many more. This makes them a bait to consider for all large predators; consider working them into your musky, pike, lake trout and striper fishing repertoire. Chances are they haven’t seen them and will have a hard time resisting their multitude of motions.


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