2023 Bassmaster Classic Winning Bait | Underwater Look

In this video, Wired2fish staff member Kobie Koenig discusses the 2023 Bassmaster Classic winning bait, the Damiki rig, what it looks like underwater and a few keys to fishing this simple yet effective bait. Watch Wired2fish’s in-depth how to fish the Damiki rig video with Classic winner Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson to get the full scoop.

GUSSY’S SETUP (retail links)

The Damiki rig involves threading a fluke-style soft plastic bait onto a jig head. The use of ElaZtech or other buoyant soft plastics helps the bait sit horizontally in the water. A horizontal posture presents the bait more naturally, making it more appealing to bass. Tossing a dab of superglue on the jig head locks the plastic in place, which is crucial when dealing with schooling fish.

Use jig heads with set-back line ties – they evenly distribute the weight and allow the bait to sit horizontally in the water column. A knot that goes through the line tie multiple times, like the Palomar or shark knot, is also recommended to keep the bait stable.

Overall, the Damiki rig is a straightforward and effective rig that catches various species. Follow these simple guidelines to create a bait that looks and acts like a natural prey item to increase your chances of success.

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