Quest for 100 Kicker Bass Update

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Back in September of 2012 I set out on my Quest for 100 Kickers. My goal, to catch 100 bass, weighing 4 pounds or more, in one year and get them all on video. I planned to have updates along the way to keep everyone posted on my progress.

To add a level of difficulty, I outlawed A-Rigs, guides, private lakes and a few other criteria. Click below for the initial article…

The Quest for 100 Kicker Bass Series

I realize this still wouldn’t be much of a challenge for someone living on Okeechobee, Guntersville, St. Clair or some other big fish factory, but I thought it would be a challenging venture for an angler from my neck of the woods.

I live in central Alabama, an area with a lot of tournaments but not a lot of giant bass. In a normal tournament near my home, a 4-pound plus fish is typically the kicker in a good tournament bag.

In addition to fishing close to home, I’m also sampling lakes from around the country while fishing the EverStart Series and working the Bassmaster Elite Series and Carhartt College Series as an outdoor journalist.

My unique platform combines the fisheries that a weekend angler frequents with those of the anglers touring the country and fishing for a living. This makes for a great mix and holds the potential for some giant fish catches this season.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this project so far. I’ve caught kickers from Lake Martin down to Okeechobee and many lakes and rivers in between.

Well here it is guys, the first installment of the Quest for 100 Kickers. Look for more regular updates as I work my way through what I hope is a very action packed spring!

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