Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the USA

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The USA is home to some of the world’s best bass fishing lakes, where anglers can experience the thrill of battling with trophy-sized bass amidst stunning natural landscapes. From the diverse waters of the South to the beautiful lakes of the Midwest and beyond, each destination offers its own unique charm and challenges for avid bass fishermen. Here at Wired2Fish, we took the time to highlight what we believe are the top 10 best bass fishing lakes in the United States. We based this list on online research, talking with locals, and tournament results to give you the most accurate ranking of where to plan your next bass fishing excursion. 

10.) Lake Okeechobee

Bass fishing at Lake Okeechobee offers a one of a kind experience for anglers of all levels. Known as the “Big O,” this Florida gem is home to an abundant largemouth bass population thanks to its expansive waters and thick vegetation. Whether you’re casting along the grassy shorelines or navigating its open waters, anglers can expect thrilling battles and the chance to reel in trophy-sized bass, making Lake Okeechobee a premier destination for bass fishing enthusiasts.

9.) Lake Lanier

Bass fishing at Lake Lanier, located in the foothills of Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, promises an unforgettable bass fishing experience. Known for its clear waters and diverse habitats, Lake Lanier offers anglers ample opportunities to hook into trophy-sized spotted and largemouth bass. Widely regarded as one of the best spotted bass fisheries in the world, this is likely your best chance at catching a trophy sized spotted bass in the Southern United States.

8.) Lake Chickamauga 

Bass fishing at Lake Chickamauga, located in southeastern Tennessee, is a dream come true for anglers seeking trophy-sized largemouth bass. Known for its fertile waters and abundant forage, this reservoir consistently produces giant bags of both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Whether you’re targeting offshore ledges or shallow grass, anglers will have the chance to reel in some of the biggest bass in the United States.

7.) Santee Cooper Lakes

Bass fishing at Santee Cooper, made up of Lakes Marion and Moultrie in South Carolina, offers anglers a target rich environment with unrivaled bass fishing opportunities. Known for its massive largemouth bass, Santee Cooper’s expansive reservoirs are home to a wide range of habitat including miles of cypress trees and grass flats. This vast habitat provides endless opportunities for anglers to catch their next trophy-sized largemouth bass.

6.) Clear Lake

Bass fishing at Clear Lake, located in Northern California’s Lake County, is a legendary lake cherished by anglers worldwide. This body of water is known for its beautiful scenery and giant largemouth bass. Clear Lake has a variety of cover giving anglers the ability to catch a trophy sized bass however their hearts desire. Known for being one of the best big bait destinations in the country, Clear Lake is a must-visit location for all avid bass fisherman.

5.) Lake Champlain

Bass fishing at Lake Champlain, located on the border between New York and Vermont, is a one of a kind experience for anglers seeking beautiful scenery and exceptional fishing. Known for its vast size and diverse habitats, including rocky shoals, submerged weed beds, and deep channels, Lake Champlain offers anglers the chance to target both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Famous for its exceptional smallmouth and largemouth fishing, this lake is widely regarded as one of the best bass fishing destinations in the United States.

4.) St. Lawrence River 

Bass fishing along the St. Lawrence River, located on the border between the United States and Canada, offers anglers a world-class experience in one of North America’s most famed fisheries. Not only is this river system home to some of the biggest smallmouth in the country, but there’s also an abundant largemouth population as well. Full of intense current, expansive cover and giant smallmouth, the St. Lawrence River is a premier destination for all bass anglers.

3.) Lake Guntersville 

Bass fishing at Lake Guntersville, located in the heart of Alabama’s scenic Tennessee Valley, is not only one of the best fisheries in the state of Alabama, but also the country. Renowned for its impressive population of trophy-sized largemouth bass, Lake Guntersville provides anglers with ample opportunities to catch their next trophy sized bass. Whether your fishing offshore ledges or the expansive fields of grass, you can be sure there’s a trophy sized bass nearby.

2.) O.H. Ivie 

Bass fishing at Lake O.H. Ivie, located in west-central Texas, offers anglers a premier destination for trophy-sized largemouth bass. This lake has produced more 13 + pound bass than any other lake in the country, and it has quickly gained notoriety for being one of the best bass fishing destinations in the world. Home to clear water, flooded timber and tons of giant bass, you’re sure to have a shot at your next bass fishing trophy.

1.) Lake Fork

Bass fishing at Lake Fork, located in East Texas, is a legendary experience revered by anglers worldwide. Renowned for its abundant largemouth bass population and record-breaking catches, we consider Lake Fork to be the best bass fishing lake in The United States. Although this lake gets a ton of fishing pressure, it still pumps out some of the biggest largemouth the state of Texas has to offer. Whether you like to fish shallow, deep or somewhere in between, Lake Fork has all the necessary components to provide you with an excellent day of fishing.