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Adventure Bass Travel – Going Basic and Prepared

Adventure Bass Travel – Going Basic and Prepared

Wired2Fish staffers recently made the trip to Mexico to fish at Anglers Inn International on Lake El Salto and Picachos. Limited space forced the guys to pack strategically with proven tackle and portable electronics. Mitch Anderson explains each while on a wolf pack of bass, highlighting the effectiveness of a classic Texas rig paired with Z-Man’s durable ElaZtech Plastics. 

Drop speed mattered on this day. Unresponsive bass drove Mitch to upsize to a larger 3/4-ounce piece of unpegged tungsten, and the bite was on. As is the case on any reservoir, rising water causes bass to reposition, even by the hour. Anderson explains how they used side imaging sonar in conjunction with custom mapping to stay on productive water.


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