Why Use Aggressive Squarebill Crankbaits for Dock Bass

Targeting dock bass with crankbaits is an excellent way to catch quality fish. Pro angler Jeff Sprague favors the use of hard wobbling squarebill crankbaits like the Strike King Series 4S to keep the bait in the strike zone longer while making some serious commotion.

Tight wobbling baits fish faster and with less lateral movement; this reduces their time in the strike zone and fish-triggering impacts off wood and dock equipment. The Strike King Series 4S Crankbait has a comparatively small squarebill lip coupled with a buoyant and large-profiled body that produces big-time wobble. It’s this exaggerated crankbait wobble that allows Jeff to slow his retrieve speed and make more impacts per foot than tighter wobbling baits.

Jeff upscales to beefier cranking gear with this approach. He shares his preferred rod, reel and line combo to withstand abrasive dock rash while getting fish away from the cover when hooked up.


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