Why to Flip with Lighter Weights when Fishing for Bass around Shallow Cover

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Professional tournament bass fisherman Terry Bolton talks about why he often uses as a 1/4-ounce weight instead of a 3/8-ounce bullet sinker when flipping around wood, docks and sparse cover. Not only will it give the bait a more natural fall rate but unique weights like the Jenko Creature Weight can actually give the bait a swimming action. 

And with a 1/4-ounce weight, you as an angler have to slow down and fish a lot more methodically which can be ideal in high pressure situations like spring cold fronts, angling pressure, spawn, clear water, post frontal high pressure and more. Slowing down, lifting and dropping the bait multiple times so it can swim in and out of the cover while staying close to home will give the bass time to hone in on its location in that cover. So if you’re pitching around a big tree. It might take the bass a few seconds to weave through the cover and get to your lure. The lighter weight always helps in this case. 

Bolton also discusses changing the profile of your lure, adding weight when the cover is thicker and more in this insightful bass fishing video. 

Lots of good information and fish catches in this one!

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Here’s another great video on flipping and pitching with Terry Bolton.