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Tips to Simplify Casting Rod Setups for Bass Fishing

Tips to Simplify Casting Rod Setups for Bass Fishing

It’s easy to consume fishing media and think you need a special rod for every technique, but this isn’t the case. Pro bass angler Randall Tharp advises that your first step should be a self-assessment on how you fish, then choose casting rods that match preferred techniques and style. 

Do you set the hook hard? Are you a little older and go easier on the hookset? Using fluorocarbon or braid? Treble hooks or single hook baits? Each of these questions impacts rod action, power, and even rod material (composite or graphite).


Tharp explains when you’re going to be best suited using fast vs. more parabolic tapers (action), how to tie rod taper to the correct rod power, and when to use composite versus graphite rod materials. Lastly, he shares his opinion on what he feels is the single best do-all rod should you only have a few rods in your lineup.

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