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The Power of Big Jigs for Cold Front Bass

The most common recourse for bass anglers during cold fronts is downsizing to smaller baits when upsizing to a beefy jig presentation is often the cure. Ricky Teschendorf of 13 Fishing demonstrates the effectiveness of a classic black and blue jig and trailer combination for quality bass around isolated wood during cold front conditions.  


Bass seek out both cover and warmer water during cooling spells and woody cover retains heat longer than grass; this makes cover like laydowns and stumps big fish magnets. Rather than grab the fairy wand, a big-profiled jig presentation often triggers the biggest, most dominant bass laying claim to choice cover. Ricky shares his go-to jig rod setup, stressing the importance of choosing a medium-heavy to heavy power rod that has some give (taper) to account for heavy line and cinched down braid.