Spinnerbait Comeback – When and How to Use (4 Tips)

While spinnerbaits have been overshadowed by a slew of newer moving baits the last several years (think bladed jigs), they remain incredibly effective for novice to pro bass anglers alike. Alabama-based bass pro Wes Logan explains the best times to fish a spinnerbait, some tackle selection guidance, and his go-to rod setup to get the job done in most situations. * Scroll to the bottom for gear links.

Logan’s 4 tips to spinnerbait fishing success:

  1. Use spinnerbaits in windy, dirty water conditions. Spinnerbaits generate abundant flash and vibration, making them easy to home in on in riled water. Add in some deflected sun rays, and the flash given off by the blades is an irresistible baitfish imitator.
  2. Standardize your spinnerbait weight and reel gear ratio. Logan uses a 1/2-ounce spinnerbait with a fast 7.5:1 reel speed almost exclusively. Doing so allows him to dial in bait running depth through his retrieve speed — he always knows where the bait is in the water column.
  3. Use a powerful medium-heavy rod paired with a beefy line. Big-bladed spinnerbaits are powerful baits with some pull and a stout hook. The ideal rod gives in the tip to avoid premature hooksets (like when ChatterBait fishing), then converts to a powerful midsection for controlling the bait, driving hooks home, and extracting bass from heavy cover.
  4. Alternate blade colors between silver and gold based on sun conditions. For whatever reason, Logan has better success using a silver spinnerbait in sunny conditions and a gold spinnerbait when it’s cloudy. While this tip is Florida-specific for Logan, it’s worth trying in other geographies too.


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