Set the Hook as Hard as You Can when Frog Fishing

Want to get your hook-up ratio up to 90% or better when frog fishing? Start cracking them! That’s according to Todd Castledine. Castledine has made a healthy living in tournaments in Texas and now across the country on the FLW Tour with a frog on a big rod with heavy braid and cracking them as hard as he possibly can.

He discusses how he warms up and why he believes so many people miss fish on a frog. The transition from other conventional techniques and lighter rods to the nature of the lure and what it takes to get those double hooks to stick solid when they have your line draped around heavy cover.

He talks about his tackle, his mechanics and the importance of giving yourself some time to warm up before it gets serious, like come tournament fishing day.

Tackle used in this video:

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