Ott DeFoe’s Strategy for Targeting River Bass

Current positions bass in rivers, and those that learn to read water flow in relation to structure and cover usually find fish. Rifle through your box and find the right lure, and you’re sure to cash in on some fine fishing. This is exactly what transpired for Ott DeFoe at the 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series event on the Mississippi River. Wing dams played a crucial roll to his pattern, with Hummingbird’s 360 Imaging allowing Ott to read and “see” the structure so precise casts could be made over and over. Ott explains where active fish position on wing dams, and how to cast them for maximum effectiveness. He shares some presentations specifics for trigging bass in moving water, as well as some innovative boat control methods using the spot lock function on Minn Kota’s Ultrex trolling motor. Take some of the tips shared in this video to your favorite river and expect some newfound success. 

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