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Mustad Signs Short

Mustad Signs Short

Mustad Hooks has signed Elite Series pro Kevin Short to their pro staff.

”I have been using Mustad hooks for many years and am happy we can work together,” Short said. “Whether fishing the Bassmaster Classic or just for a day of fun, one of the most important things to do is control all the variables I can to maximize my catch. I know when I tie on a Mustad hook, I’m using the sharpest, strongest hooks I can get and that’s one less thing for me to worry about.”

His arsenal of Mustad Hooks for the 2015 season will include the following:

  • TG76NP-BN 2X Short / 1X Strong KVD Elite Triple Grip Trebles
  • TG58NP-BN Standard KVD Elite Triple Grip Trebles
  • TR78NP-BN 1X Strong Round Bend Elite Trebles
  • G34131NP-BN Grip Pin MAX Punchin’ Hooks
  • 38101NP-BN KVD Grip Pin Offset Wide Gap Soft Plastic Hook

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