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Martin Signs with LIVETARGET

LIVETARGET announced FLW Tour pro and TV personality Scott Martin along with his long-running TV show, Scott Martin Challenge have agreed to a multi-year sponsorship agreement.

“Scott brings to LIVETARGET a great blend of proven tournament fishing excellence along with one of the best media outlets via his TV show and recognized personality,” said Marketing Manager Gary Abernathy. “We’ve talked to Scott over the years, and with his recent Angler of the Year achievement on the FLW Tour, and our ongoing growth at LIVETARGET, it was the right time to add him to our team.

“Scott will help us in promotions with the media elements, but as with all our pro staff, we look to use him and his proven skills as a leading bass angler to help us with our continued lure designs. It is great that Scott is also a multi-species angler, and that works well to help us across a product line that now has over 750+ lure models.  We have plans to have Scott present tips and techniques to anglers so they can become better fishermen with LIVETARGET lures.”     

“LIVETARGET is a company that has won a “Best of Show” lure award for 5 out of the past 6 years at ICAST, and man, they have some great lure designs,” Martin said. “Not only are the designs impressive, but as a travelling tournament angler and television producer, I need a very wide spectrum of lures to use. LIVETARGET offers me the most impressive lure selections, and I really like the Match-the-Hatch® strategy of matching the lure to the local forage base.  As a tournament angler, we all want a competitive edge, and the LIVETARGET brand will give me that advantage to win.”