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Learn to Fish 4 Tides to Catch More Bass

A deeper understanding of all 4 tides for bass fishing — low, high, incoming and outgoing — will lead you to better fishing. Tidal fisheries are different equations to figure out in bass fishing, and it’s not just enough to find good spots. Anglers have to understand the timing related to the water levels and the movement of water in and out of areas. Bass will stage, move, and feed at various times in all 4 versions of the tide.

Our friend and Savage Gear pro Nick Smith is a longtime California Delta angler, and he spent time breaking down how he learned the 4 tides for bass fishing and how understanding the timing of spots and the changes to areas related to the water levels made him a more efficient angler on a tidal fishery like the Delta.

Some really good insight on how he approaches a diverse tidal fishery like the California Delta.