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Humminbird Introduces MEGA Live Imaging

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Humminbird ®, long known as the leader in fishing electronics, expands the performance of its MEGA Imaging ® sonar technology with the introduction of MEGA Live Imaging.

This new sonar technology delivers the clarity and detail of MEGA Imaging in live action, allowing anglers to see fish and structure in real time, even watching fish on-screen as they move in to bite an angler’s lure. With the release of this technology, anglers have access to the most complete package of industry-leading technologies and products offered by a single brand.

MEGA Live Imaging sonar views are provided by a compatible Humminbird fish finder and a state-of-the-art transducer, designed to mount to a trolling motor shaft, providing rapid deployment into the water and easy steering control of the live sonar views. The MEGA Live Imaging transducer comes with a multi-position bracket that provides three sonar views, each suited for different fishing applications and techniques.

MEGA Live Imaging Views

  • Down Mode: Live imaging looking directly below the transducer
  • Forward Mode: Live imaging looking out and away from the transducer, steered using the trolling motor’s foot pedal or remote
  • Landscape Mode: Live imaging from a wide, bird’s-eye view looking out and around the boat.

Across all three views, MEGA Live Imaging delivers on the Humminbird benchmark of the finest sonar available by providing MEGA Imaging-level images throughout the entire live sonar view. In addition, an optimized sonar cone angle provides ample coverage area to easily keep both fish and lure within view while maintaining precision and the ability to target individual fish. No matter the fishing scenario, the versatility and performance of MEGA Live Imaging makes it easy to see and catch fish in real time on the Humminbird display.

“We have taken the world-class imaging quality that anglers have come to expect from our MEGA Imaging sonar and brought that to life in our new MEGA Live Imaging product,” said Matt Cook, Humminbird brand manager. “MEGA Live Imaging will allow anglers to watch structure and fish in real time, which is not only an effective tool but a fun and entertaining way to catch fish.”


The MEGA Live Imaging transducer is offered as an accessory and comes with everything needed to install on a trolling motor, including a 20-foot Ethernet cable, 10-foot power cable and trolling motor mounting bracket and hardware.

MEGA Live Imaging connects to compatible Humminbird APEX ® , SOLIX ® and HELIX ® control heads via an Ethernet connection and requires no external sonar module, leaving more room in the boat for gear. This Ethernet connection also allows anglers to connect additional sonar sources to the same control head, such as Humminbird’s MEGA 360 Imaging ® or Built-in MEGA Imaging on Minn Kota ® trolling motors.

“Bringing MEGA Live Imaging to our already best-in-class imaging capabilities has added one more reason for anglers to choose Humminbird,” Cook said. “With Humminbird’s MEGA Imaging and Dual Spectrum CHIRP 2D sonar, along with premium accessories like MEGA 360 Imaging ® and LakeMaster ® charts, anglers who run Humminbird will have the most complete picture on the water. With the added ability to integrate and control Minn Kota products via the One-Boat Network â„¢, Humminbird provides the most comprehensive offering of fish-catching features and capabilities available anywhere.”


Humminbird’s new MEGA Live Imaging retails for $1,499.99 and will begin shipping September 2021. MEGA Live Imaging transducers are compatible with all APEX and

SOLIX models, as well as HELIX 8-15 G3N / G4N models with MEGA Imaging. For optimal performance, the MEGA Live Imaging transducer is designed to be paired with a Minn Kota Ultrexâ„¢ trolling motor. For more information, call Humminbird at 800-633-1468 or visit