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How to Tune Crankbaits for Better Fishing

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If you throw a lot of crankbaits you have to know how to tune one. They are made to be thrown against cover. They are your “4-wheel drive” lure. When you hit a piece of cover hard, bounce it off a rocky bank or smack it against a dock chances are you knocked it out of tune. Here’s how to check – make a short cast directly in front of you to see if it runs out of center. If it runs to the left of center take a pliers and bend the line tie to the right. If the lure runs to the right, bend the line tie to the left. Be careful not to tweak it too hard as you could break off the line tie. There are times when you purposely want your crankbait to run left or right to get under docks or a floating piece of cover. Use this information to your advantage to tune your lure to fish these situations more effectively.