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How to Set the Hook While Flipping Grass

Setting the hook is a process that varies depending on the situation. Seth Feider shares how he sets the hook while flipping grass. Hitting a flipping fish hard on the hookset is fun and all, but depending on your setup, it can cause you to lose more fish. 


As Seth explains, most of the time, your line will be wrapped amongst the grass you are fishing. By removing the slackline, it gives you a better sense of where the fish is inside the grass, as well as a more direct path to the fish. Another big piece of your hookset is your rod, reel, line setup. With today’s technology, it takes less energy to drive a hook home. If you overpower a hookset, it may lead to a missed opportunity.

Hooksets will differ from person to person and even bait to bait. That is why knowing your setup, as well as your own power, can be crucial to hooking and landing more fish.