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How to Fish Swim Jigs for Bass | When, Where, How, Gear Tips

Swim jigs are among the most versatile bass baits for covering water and establishing productive patterns. Texas native Jeff Sprague instructs on where, when, and how to fish swim jigs to find and catch bass relating to shallow cover. He also discusses his favorite rod setup and a few tackle tweaks and lure selection criteria to take your swim jig game to the next level.


As a tournament angler, Sprague is all about efficiency. He often starts his day with a swim jig so he can cover water quickly in search of active bass. Finding a few fish is the vital first step in establishing a pattern. While bladed jigs and spinnerbaits are excellent options, they’re not as versatile or weedless as a swim jig. Swim jigs can be “high-sticked” and “wormed” through dense, shallow cover and fished deeper out from the bank, all on the same cast. They’re also less aggressive, so they tend to trigger bites from tentative bass better.

Sprague details his preferred rod setup, opting for a longer heavy power rod mated with a fast reel and braid. Details like soft plastic trailer style and color can make a big difference too. He recommends matching your jig color to the predominant forage. Green pumpkin and variations of it are excellent bluegill imitators. At the same time, whites are often more productive on shad fisheries.