Get More Than Tackle with Lucky Tackle Box

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No question, the devil is in the detail when it comes to baits and techniques. Retrieve speed, rod angle, line test and changing out hooks can differentiate bites versus casts. It is truly amazing just how simple things can get with the correct bait, the correct cadence and the proper retrieve speed. Lure selection is a major part of it and knowing seasonal patterns but fishing the bait as it was designed and in the proper locations can separate the bad day from a great one.

This past winter a lot of my friends started talking to me about the Lucky Tackle Box. They had gotten them as gifts or purchased one out of curiousity. Many do not have large collections of tackle and many were also just starting out. Bait selection, due to shear volume, can be very confusing and no question its tough to cut the chaff out of the wheat when starting out. 

Because I work with youth anglers on a regular basis, who may have a limited selection of baits, I thought it might be a great way for them to get high quality products but also be timed with seasonal patterns and techniques.

A key differentitor with the Lucky Tackle Box over the others is LTB spends a lot of effort on the technique part too. When subscribers get a LTB, they also get a library of how-to videos associated with that box. For example, the March bass box contains 7 products including a J-Spec Jerkbait, a Chatterbait Chatterfrog, a LIVETARGET Frog, a package of Reaction Strike Thin Shads, a LIVETARGET Baitball Yearling crankbait, a package of Mustad 1/0 Zero-Twist Drop-Shot Hooks and a package of BassMunitions creature baits.

LTB also includes a reference that outlines each bait and their uses on a handy card that can easily be carried in your tackle box.

Another neat part of the LTB  March’s Bass Box is a cool set of videos that you can learn even more. These are found on

You can also find them here on this Youtube playlist

More great products, more techniques and fishing education adds to better fishing. You can learn more about LTB or sign up for any of the 6 tackle boxes by going to