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Gerald Swindle’s Top 2 Bass Lures for Year-Round Success

Gerald Swindle has some advice – generate confidence by using bass baits that get bites. Confidence then leads to getting more bites. For Swindle, a simple Texas-rigged worm and small profile 3/8-ounce jig and craw/creature combo get it done anytime and everywhere bass swim. * Tackle listing at the bottom.

Swindle explains why he prefers a simple straight-tail worm rigged with a lightweight and 3/0 hook for shallow water pitching. The setup allows him to fish fast around any cover without fowling. Bass also bite and hold on, so it’s super forgiving. Swindle opts not to peg as he feels separation of the weight and bait increases action and leads to more bites.

Like the Texas rig, light and compact jigs offer the same benefits of universal appeal and snag resistance but with a slightly bigger profile. Swindle reaches for the jig when larger forage items are on the menu (think bluegills and crawfish) or chasing a bigger bite. Both setups fish excellently on a 7- to 7-foot, 6-inch rod paired with a fast reel and fluorocarbon line.

Instead of having a pile of rods rigged with a multitude of baits, Swindle advocates picking a few proven “get bit” winners and learn to fish them well. Doing so builds confidence and confidence builds skill! Check out G’s YouTube Channel for more content and entertainment.