Catch Stubborn Bass by Tokyo Rigging Finesse Worms

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Finesse fishing a worm is one of the best ways to catch bass and build confidence when the bite is tough. Gerald “G-Man” Swindle shares a new twist on worm rigging using a specialized Tokyo rig equipped with a VMC Finesse Neko hook. The unique setup guarantees immediate bottom contact and the ability to straight rig worms with an exposed hook, Texas rigged, or wacky style.


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On this shoot, Swindle targets bass near spring “run-ins,” aka tributary creeks. An influx of warmer water activates crawfish and draws shad and other forage to the area. While moving baits like crankbaits are his go-to, Swindle uses finesse setups as follow-up baits to determine if there’s fish in the area and maintain/build confidence. Bass will often pass on moving baits but seldom can resist a small worm fished across the bottom.