Buzzbait Setup Tips: What Size, Line, Rod and Color?

Texas-based bass pro, Jeff Sprague, has a buzzbait tied on anytime water temps are 55-degrees or warmer. He relies on them to cover shallow water quickly, trigger reaction strikes, and help determine if bass are feeding up, which informs other productive baits or techniques. Jeff explains how water temperature determines his use of a bigger blade without a trailer versus a smaller blade paired with a bulky toad or craw trailer. He keeps color simple, varying between white, black, or brown.


Using the right fishing line (fluorocarbon vs. braid) can be a big determinant of hooking percentages with buzzbaits. Sprague’s decision stems from these questions: can I get the fish in (the type of cover I’m fishing), and how far can I cast it? He explains why fluorocarbon shines when making short casts in relatively open water and why braid wins out in heavy cover and/or long cast situations. A good multi-purpose medium-heavy rod in the 7- to 7’6” range gets it done in both scenarios. 

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