4 Tips for Fluke Fishing Ultra-Shallow Water

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Join Wired2fish’s McKeon Roberts as he explores fluke fishing bass in ultra-shallow water. Roberts dives deep into the art of shallow-water bass fishing using a high-vis, Texas-rigged weightless fluke. This subtle presentation excels for spooky bass in heavy cover.

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Selecting the Right Bait

Roberts begins by revealing the advantages of a weightless plastic bait in shallow waters. Such a bait presents a low disturbance alternative to a jig, spinnerbait, or other moving baits prone to splashing. Specifically, a fluke’s ability to linger in one spot and deliver tantalizing action with minimal input makes it an ideal choice for tempting tentative fish.

Making Long Casts

The ability to cast weightless plastics is entirely doable with the right rod, reel, and line setup. Roberts opts for a super-supple braided mainline on a responsive casting rod to launch these baits. He emphasizes the importance of long casts in shallow waters to avoid startling fish and the necessity of careful, slow movements.

Optimizing Your Fluke Fishing Setup

The video continues with advice on setup considerations for fluke fishing. A lighter rod and bait combination can help prevent overworking the bait and improve casting accuracy. Roberts uses a 40-pound Sufix 131 braid to achieve the casting distance required in shallow waters, paired with a 14 or 17-pound fluorocarbon leader to maintain fluke action.

Hookset Timing and Targeting Active Areas

The video culminates with Roberts giving insights into the challenge of hookset timing in shallow waters, highlighting the benefits of a visible fluke in determining when a fish takes the bait. He also underscores the thrill of targeting areas with significant fish activity, illustrating the intense competition in such locations.