4 Tips for Drop Shotting Boat Docks with Gary Klein

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The drop shot rig is a remarkably versatile presentation that can be fished at all depths and cover situations but is overlooked around boat docks. Professional angler and Major League Fishing co-founder Gary Klein favors dock fishing bass in clear water and shares some excellent pointers for triggering fish that pass on more traditional dock baits like Texas rigs and jigs. Here are 4 tips to improve success fishing a drop shot around docks:


  1. Use a longer leader (distance between the hook and the weight) to give your weightless worm more action. Klein explains how he essentially fishes his drop shot like a weightless worm. The weight is just there for castability. Once your weight hits bottom, the leader length determines the time that the bait is fished weightless. So in clear water situations, a long leader provides bass more time to see and travel to your drop shot lure.
  2. Make long casts in clear shallow water. The closer you get to those fish, the more likely they are to get spooked. By keeping your boat as far back as possible, you give yourself the best opportunity to present that bait without the fish knowing you are there.
  3. Fish your plastic like a weightless worm because a weightless presentation is one of the most natural ways to present a worm. It can be counterproductive to shake the worm constantly, rather, just let the weight hit bottom and let the line go slack. Then, slowly lift and move the rig in small increments.
  4. Make repeated casts after getting a bite. Klein stresses the importance of making repeated casts after getting a bite in a particular area. It is easy to blow past and head to the next dock, but you may be missing out on the opportunity to catch a few more fish.