Fishing Tips

3 Easy and Avoidable Ways to Break a Fishing Rod


Personal experience is the inspiration for much of my writing. I believe in a lot of ways that lived experience is the best educator. It’s for this reason you see medical students attending classes for six years, only for all that schooling to culminate with hands-on job experience in clinicals before they’re awarded their degrees.

I recently completed another bit of education myself in the school of hard knocks with hands-on experience. I learned how to screw up boat-flipping a bass which created the idea for this article. I wanted to hopefully clue you guys in on three things you want to be certain not to do to prevent you from breaking a rod.

Inevitably, a rod will break at some point even if one of these three instances don’t occur. But hopefully, this piece will prevent you from having to learn these particular lessons the hard way at least.