Z-Man Project Z ProFileZ: Drew Reese

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The fishing world is awash with unsung heroes.

How many people know the name Julio T. Buel? You should, for Buel patented one of the early fishing lures, a spoon, back in 1852. If you’re a fan of finesse fishing-or just an angling history buff-you owe it to yourself to learn about folks like Chuck Woods, Ned Kehde and Drew Reese.

Reese, who finished 7th at the very first Bassmaster Classic, worked for Bass Buster Lures, the company that developed classic finesse baits such as the Beetle and Beetle Spin. Years later, a fortuitous meeting of minds spawned a modern fishing revolution known today as the Ned Rig.

A Z-Man Fishing TV exclusive, Project Z: ProFileZ takes you on the water with the folks who count on Z-Man Fishing Products daily as tournament anglers, guides, and industry professionals. Take a trip with us to our ProZ’ home waters to learn their stories and how they’ve ended up where they are today-as well as why they rely on Z-Man baits day-in and day-out.

In this episode, Drew Reese recounts the fascinating history behind the baits and the ElaZtech material that drive the Midwest finesse technique. “ElaZtech gives lures the angle that all lure companies have been trying to find since the early 1900s. To get a bait that didn’t lay flat on the bottom, but to rise up and to move like something truly alive.”

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