Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B

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Shimano has created and manufactured some of the most legendary spinning reels and bait casters in bass fishing history. From the original Bantams to the original green Curados and the Silver Chronarchs, bass fishing has been influenced by the Shimano creations.

The Metanium is one of the more recents series of high end baitcasters from Shimano and the new Metanium MGL 150 B stands out as a noticeable upgrade from its predecessors.

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Let’s talk specs and then get into the performance of the reel.

Metanium reel technologies

The really big deal with the new Metanium MGL 150 B would have to be their new Magnesium CoreSolid Body. That technology yields a super rigid frame that is a lot more durable while also being more sensitive and a lot lighter in your hand. And they use an MGLIII spool which combats spool inertia so you keep more control of your casts, especially with lighter baits where baitcasters tend to struggle more. The SVS Infinity braking gives anglers a lot of flexibility to dial the spool tension and braking in perfectly for perfect casts regardless of the lure you choose.

The upgraded solid brass construction of the main gears and a Silent Tune technology results in a lot less spool bearing vibration which translates into smoother, longer casts. The reel also features their CI4+ Star Drag, S A-RB Bearings, X-Ship and more.

My initial thoughts on the Metanium

I can tell a lot about a reel when I first pick it up and when the first time I put it on a rod. How it palms. How rigid the frame feels, how the handle, spool and and operability feels with and without line on it. I knew the Metanium MGL 150 B would be special the first time I put it in my hand.

And after fishing with it, my initial thoughts were confirmed. The reel is noticeably sensitive. Things like a bite that adds slack to the line is noticeable on this reel. I had a pretty good swimbait bite on it on one of my very first outings with it. One of those where they inhale the bait so quick, it just feels like the someone cut your lure off of your line and everything goes limp. I had turned my head, and felt the bite in my reel hand.

That sensitivity transmitting through the reel is a big deal to me. I have felt it several times now with this reel with swim jigs, spinnerbaits and swimbaits.

How it Fishes

This is one of those reels you wish you had on all your rods. It’s an absolute rockstar of a baitcaster. It casts smaller and lighter lures very well to great distance. It’s very smooth on the cast, engaging the reel, the retrieve, the hookset and the fight. I can already tell this is one of those reels you are paying to maintain so it will last you 20 years. That’s how good it feels and how I think it will hold up.

It palms really nicely. The comfort of the reel after a full day of fishing is very nice. It feels solid when you fish with it, like nothing could hurt it but it’s not overly heavy or clunky for being such a solid feeling reel. A unique blend of sensitivity, strength and comfort puts this reel in a very small category of bass fishing gear.

I’ve caught fish deep in about 18 feet of water. I’ve caught fish power fishing with the Metanium and also finesse fishing with small 1/4 ounce swimbaits and swim jigs. I’ve thrown 3/4 ounce 6 inch swimbaits on it as well and was very happy how well it performed in those fights. The drag is smooth and strong.

This reel is unique in that 17 pound fluoro cast really well on it and so did 8-pound monofilament. I haven’t put braid on it yet but that will come in frog season very soon.

This is one of those reels that can bounce around on multiple combos because its likely to become your favorite piece of fishing equipment. I could see this costing me a bunch more in line as I bounce around with techniques on this same reel.

Bottom line on the Metanium MGL 150 B

If this is in your budget or you are willing to pay a little more to invest in a reel to last you 10 years, you should seriously consider upgrading to a Metanium. As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate finer craftsmanship and performance out of some of the top of the line pieces of fishing gear. And I would definitely put the Metanium in that top tier category. I am already trying to convince myself I need to save for a second one.

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