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Seviin GF Casting Reel Review

One of the newest reels to hit the market is the Seviin GF Casting Reel. While these reels were just recently released, they are backed by seven decades of design and manufacturing expertise. Seviin has managed to create a reel that is smooth, durable and packed with unique features all for an affordable price.

Seviin reel


The Seviin GF Series casting reel features a one-piece graphite frame and side plates that lead to a lightweight and comfortable fit. This reel also features carbon fiber handles and an aluminum spool that helps reduce overall weight. The Seviin reels also come equipped with an external braking adjustment knob and a line indicator wheel.

A 5-bearing system, two Japanese stainless steel bearings, and a stainless steel drag system all work together to create smooth operation. Brass pinion and drive gears allows for added durability insuring your reel will last for multiple seasons. The Seviin GF Series casting reel incorporates all of these features to deliver top notch performance all for only $120. 

Seviin Reel


Ive had the chance to use the Seviin GF Series casting reel over the last several weeks, and let me tell you it has not disappointed. I’m always skeptical when a new product hits the market, especially with fishing rods and fishing reels. I’ve made it a point to really put my time in with a product before taking the time to comment on it. Over the last several weeks I’ve grown familiar with this reel and noticed a few key attributes that I’m very fond of. 

One of my favorite aspects of this reel is the drag system. Recently, I have been using the 8:1 gear ratio reel for the majority of my jerkbait applications. This style of fishing typically requires light line and a smooth drag system in order to play fish back to the boat on light tackle. I’ve been extremely impressed with the consistency and fluidity of this drag system. Not only is it super smooth, but the clicking drag helps with effectively playing fish back to the boat. This product has quickly became one of my go to reels for numerous finesse casting application. 

Another aspect that makes this reel perfect for finesse applications is its overall weight. Seviin reels designed this reel with weight and comfort in mind, creating a streamline reel that is easy to use for long periods of time. Working a jerkbait, fluke and other finesse tactics often requires a light sensitive setup. This reel achieves this by implementing an aluminum spool and a one piece graphite frame making it a great choice for any strenuous technique such as throwing a jerkbait or topwater walking style bait.

Lastly, this reel’s price point makes it a great option for an every day workhorse reel. This product’s quality components paired with a reasonable price tag allows for a great all-around reel that won’t break the bank. Being both durable and smooth gives this reel the ability to be used in a wide range of applications from flipping grass to cranking rock. If you are looking for a great all-around reel with a reasonable price tag, the Seviin GF series of casting reels is worth a look. 

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