Ark Gravity G7 Baitcaster Reel Review

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The Ark Gravity G7 baitcaster reel offers a fresh new idea on achieving maximum casting distance and fluid performance, and based on our several months of review with this reel, we are ready to start swapping out a bunch of our old reels for the new G7. The reel is smooth, powerful and most importantly able to produce line-stretching distance on your casts.

The Gravity line of baitcasters stands as Ark’s first entry into manufacturing baitcasting fishing reels, but this reel has been under development for more than 3 years. And they were able to blaze their own path with a patented internal adjustable magnetic control to create a maximum casting distance flagship reel. Let’s take a look at the finer points of this reel to see how it set itself apart as a new entry into the baitcaster market.

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Patented Gravity Control System

Ark developed a new cast control system called their Gravity Control System. This patented system incorporates an adjustable mechanism on the spool that moves the magnetic surface closer or further to alter the amount of resistance on the spool. Plus you can fine tune even more precisely with external magnetic controls and your tension knob.

All said there are up to 60 combinations (3 on the internal spool and 20 on the magnetic control dial) of cast control. So you can dial in a reel quickly with the internal adjustments on the spring loaded cam by simply pushing it in, rotating it and locking it in place shallower or deeper on the spool. Then use your external dial to fine tune it precisely to they way you cast and the amount of wind resistance you are facing.

Extremely tunable for perfect casting

With both of the dials controlling your casting, you can dang near get the reel where it reaches maximum distance without an overrun. It takes a lot of adjusting and ideal conditions, but I have had some bang up days chunking baits like lipless crankbaits and football jigs 40 and 50 feet further than I thought possible. I’ve also been fishing in the wind and elements a lot and with miminal thumb control, I’m getting some of the longest casts I’ve seen on a baitcaster. Just incredible with the heavier lures like jigs and cranks.

With smaller baits like jerkbaits and topwaters, I’m not fighting the wind overruning my reel all the time. I don’t get as much distance as with heavier lures, but I get a lot less hassle and superiorly long casts for these smaller baits like 3/8-ounce and 1/4-ounce baits. 

The side plates are a little snug to take off, so you don’t want to make a ton of internal adjustments on the water. Set it once or twice and move on. I have one of the pre-production models, so I understand the reels are a little more user friendly now in production access to the patented Gravity Control System.

Superior Line Management

The Floating Cast Shaft and Featherlite Duralumin Spool give this reel it’s smooth operation and comfortable feel on the cast and retrieve along with the cone shaped line guide that funnels line even smoother.

The low profile is easily palmable and the 100 mm handle is strong for really cranking on a fish in cover.

Gravity G7 Reel Specs

The Gravity G7 Reel comes in 8 options with 4 gear ratios for right-handed anglers and 4 gear ratios for left-handed anglers. 

All of the reels share the following specs:

  • Line Capacity: 100 yards 12-pound line
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Bearings: 11
  • Max Drag: 14 pounds
  • Price: $239

Here is the breakout on the different gear ratio reels:

G7105 / L 5.4 21.3 Inches
G7106 / L 6.4 25.3 Inches
G7107 / L 7.1 28.1 Inches
G7108 / L 8.1 32 Inches


Impressive First Reel

Often when you have manufacturers who have been making other things like rods, that come out with a new product that is a departure from what they have been doing, you end up with a lot of one off products that were licensed or branded from other manufacturers or plants. 

But not with these reels. These reels were designed from the ground up by someone who has proven himself on the design and innovation side in fishing. The adjustable magnetic force is a great application for baitcasters. It really allows you to balance the control of your spool a lot better.

As anglers try these reels, they are going to be pleasantly surprised. The G7 is a legit player at $239. I would be very happy to have a deck full of these. 

You can find the Ark Gravity G7 baitcaster reel at these retailers:

Buy at Tackle Warehouse

Buy at Amazon

Buy at Omnia Fishing 

Buy at Ark Rods

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