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Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Review

Having the right line is one of the least talked about but most important pieces of equipment we as fisherman use. This is the connection point between you and the fish you’ve worked so hard to catch, so it’s critical to make sure you’re using the best. Over many years, I’ve tested numerous brands and styles of fishing line. To be completely frank I don’t like most of them, however there’s a few that stick out above the rest. One of my newfound favorites is the Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro 100% Fluorocarbon Leader.

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Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro is a high quality Japanese 100% fluorocarbon leader made in Fukuoka, Japan. This leader line is made using high end materials to deliver line that is manageable and easy to tie, yet strong and abrasion resistant. It is a heavy weighted fluorocarbon that features great knot, shock and overall strength. The Y-Zuri SuperFluoro leader line also comes with an auto line holder perfect for ensuring your line stays fresh and secure.

This natural clear leader is a great choice for targeting both inshore and offshore species. SuperFluoro has been vigorously tested by both fresh and saltwater Yo-Zuri Pros, ensuring it will hold up to any caliber fish you might encounter. This leader line comes in smaller travel size packs, perfect for insuring your line doesn’t get old or damaged. Yo-Zuri packs all of these innovative features and Japanese quality into a leader line that doesn’t break the bank!


For me, one of the most important things in a leader line is knot strength. I’ve fished a variety of leader lines over the last several years and I can say that some slip far more than others. I’ve tested Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro on nearly every spinning rod application I have and I’ve yet to have a slip. This is extremely important as I’m typically using light line whenever I’m using a leader.

Due to my tendency to use light line, abrasion resistance is also highly important. I’ve done a lot of testing with the Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro on drop shots and shaky heads. This style of fishing comes in contact with a lot of hard cover and is a great way to test if your line is strong. On my local lakes, spotted bass are spawning around rock shoals and shallow brush. I’ve caught upwards of 30 to 40 fish out of this type of cover over the last several weeks, and I’ve yet to have my line break. While Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro is great for light line applications, it also works when using heavier leaders as well.


Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro comes in a variety of sizes all the way from 4-pound to 300-pound. Because of this I started testing out some of the heavier fluorocarbon leaders on some of my pitching and flipping applications. I would connect 65-pound braid to a 30-pound SuperFluoro leader and use it to flip jigs and Texas rigs around heavy cover. This gives you the benefits of braided fishing line while keeping the base of your line translucent. This is a fairly new technique for me, however I’ve quickly grown to trust it thanks to the SuperFluoro’s increased knot strength and overall abrasion resistance. 

Fishing line is something that is often not talked about even though it’s one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment we own. Making sure your line is fit to hold up against heavy cover and big fish is crucial for a successful day out on the water. If you’re looking for a Japanese line that has great knot strength, abrasion resistance and doesn’t break the bank, I’d recommend giving the Yo-Zuri SuperFluoro 100% Fluorocarbon leader a try.

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