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How to Tie the Doubled-Uni Knot


doubled-uni-knot-step-03.jpg doubled-uni-knot-step-04.jpgAnother variation of the uni knot, the doubled-uni knot is simply what it implies, doubling the line and tying a uni with the line doubled. It gives you more coverage of knot on your lure or hook and makes a stronger knot, but it is easier to get your wraps messed up with this much line, so you need to take care to slide your wraps evenly together as you tighten it.

To Tie:

1. Start by doubling your line and pinching it together to sort of keep it together and easier to pass through your loop.

2. Pass the doubled line through the eyelet. 

3. Bring it up the main line several inches and then loop it back down.

4. Grab the doubled sets of lines and your doubled tag end separately so that you can wrap the pinched doubled end through the loop you just created.

5. Loop it through 4-7 times depending on your line diameter and bring it out the top with your main line.

6. Slowly pull the moistened lines tight by the loop first, being careful to line up your wraps and avoiding any crossing or bunching.

7. Then pull the main line and the tag end together to slide your wraps down to the eyelet.

8. Pull the tag end and loop to tighten your wraps, then pull the main line to tighten the knot.


Tightening this knot is best if done in steps. Tighten the wraps a little to get them lined up evenly, then slide the wraps down to the eyelet. Then tighten the wraps fully before tightening the knot all together. You should end up with three tag ends when you snip the loop and extra tag off the line. It takes a little practice but is a great knot once you get it down. 

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