2 Tips to Avoid Palomar Knot Failure with Fluorocarbon

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The Palomar knot is one of the strongest and most reliable fishing knots, plus it’s easy to tie and performs well with most line types. Professional bass angler Bob Downey uses the Palomar knot almost exclusively with fluorocarbon fishing line but stresses the need to tie it correctly to avoid failure. Downey walks through the correct procedures for securing baits directly to fluorocarbon with an emphasis on:

  1. Avoid crossing the line. Fluorocarbon line that is crossed is apt to cut into itself on the hookset. Downey demonstrates how to prevent this.
  2. Don’t burn the line. Without proper lubrication, the tightening of a fluorocarbon knot subjects the line to friction which produces heat and weakens the line. Downey shares his method for ensuring maximum line lubrication and how to snug the knot tight without weakening the mainline.