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Optimal Conditions for Fishing Topwater Frogs for Bass

Frog expert Dean Rojas talks about how he analyzes the conditions and plans his frog strategy for bass around the current and coming weather and water conditions. He’s spent a lot of time becoming an expert caster with the Spro Bronzeye Frog and fishing for bass way back in cover or under over hanging cover especially in the heat of the day in the summer.

Video Transcript:  You know, some of the challenges that I have when I’m frog fishing is fishing under a bright sunlight like we have here. A lot of that has to do with the weather that we’ve had. If we’ve had a front, or if it’s post frontal or it’s just we’ve had a high pressure for the last 2 or 3 days. A lot of sun is a good thing, for me especially.

As you can see we have a lot of overhanging trees and brush in the water and for me; what I always like to do and is something I’ve been noted for is taking the bait and skipping it way back in the bushes and when the sun’s out, like it is right now, you really have to get back into those back pockets. I mean that’s where all the shade’s at.

For this particular bait, you know you need to get to where  you need to take the bait to the fish because they’re going to be up in the shallow trees so the condition/water temperatures all that plays a factor, wind direction, you want to look at all that stuff because that’s going to dictate whether they are going to be all the way in the back, or they’re going to be in the secondary’s, or they are going to be out on the points.

So a lot of that has to do with just making multiple presentations and trying to figure out where they’re going to be positioned in and around the cover. But with the sun out they are more than likely, you know we’re kind of in the morning still, they’re going to be more attached to the cover. Later in the day,  you know the suns been beating on them for 4-5-6 hours, the water temperature will be coming up, a lot of times you’ll see them suspend  up, in, around the trees. They’re just out from them and they’re more willing to travel say 2-3-5 feet to go get bait whereas, right now, I probably have to put it right on top of them for them to come up and grab it.

So, keep that in mind whenever you’re fishing; let them tell you how they want the bait and how you need to present it to them because that’s going to  be the key for you to go out and duplicate that and the place and other parts of the lake.