Fall Fishing

How Lipless Crankbaits Excel for Fall Bass in Rivers

As water temperatures drop in the fall, smallmouth bass migrate to wintering holes characterized by deeper water and reduced flow. Seth Feider shares 2 key locations and how he uses lipless crankbaits to find and catch fall bass.

Tributary streams deposit their sediment load where they meet the parent river. This creates a prominent sandbar with a steep drop off -- bass often hold adjacent to the drop in slack water. Using your eyes like a fish finder, Seth also scans the main river for obvious current breaks like rock bars and wing dams.

Seth uses lipless crankbaits to quickly comb water in search of fish transitioning to these spots or already set up. Fish the crankbait with a lift and fall cadence to trigger bites -- the combination of noise and action are excellent triggers in cold water. Seth will start experimenting with slower presentations like the drop shot, shaky head or tube once bass are located and the lipless crankbait bite fizzles.