FROG FISHING ROUND-UP | Answering Questions and Rundown of Frogs

It’s fall frog fishing time and Jason Sealock runs down several of his favorite frogs and toads for bass fishing (SEE FULL LIST BELOW). He talks about some of the new frogs and toads on the market and where they are optimal for catching fish. He shares some good frog and toad catches from his travels this year while sharing his philosophy on why frogs and toads work so well in various situations and how to catch more bass by re-learning what a frog and toad actually represents to a bass. 

In this video, Sealock answers the following frog fishing questions: 

  1. What does a frog/toad mimic?
  2. When should I throw a frog or a toad? 
  3. Which frog should I pick? 
  4. What cover is best for which frog? 
  5. What colors are best / Does color matter? 
  6. Is a pointed nose or popping mouth better? 
  7. When should I use a really big frog or a really small frog? 
  8. Does profile and the way the frog sits in the water matter? 
  9. Why different toads? 
  10. What are some options in-between frogs and toads? 
  11. Does the sound matter? 
  12. What rod/reel is best for frogs and/or toads? 

Fishing a frog is one of the things we look forward to every year. When bass move shallow under and around cover like matted vegetation, bank grass, laydown trees, bushes and docks, a frog or a toad can be the most effective way to get to those fish and make them react. 

Sealock’s Favorite Frogs and Toads in 2020




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