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Fishing Post Frontal Conditions

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Fall fishing, it smoked another jerkbait. I tell ya and I really do believe that fluorocarbon line is the way to go with jerkbait fishing because these suspended baits they get down to pretty good depth but you want them to be able to stay there and if you’ve got this thing balanced right, your suspending jerkbait and hook size and everything balanced, fluorocarbon to help it stay down there, but more importantly, that bait is sitting there sort of like a dead sticking a worm and while it is sitting there, you feel that little tick like I did with this little fella and you can just ease into that fish and make it a successful hook.

Fall fishing post frontal days is nothing to be scared of. You can catch some really big stringers. Another key point to realize is that even on post frontal days, there’s a little bit of a morning bite and then it is going to die. Normally that bite will pick up mid morning on and as later the day goes, the better the bite and the bigger the fish. They have had time to adjust and their feeding up at fall of the year. These fish want to feed and that is all they are thinking about. You aren’t dealing with pre-post spawning fish at all, you are dealing with fish that are in their habitat, in their environment and they are going to feed heavy.

Clear water, suspended jerkbait, Alabama rig, dirty water, Bandit squarebill, War Eagle spinnerbait, you are covering alot of water and on cloudy days, almost everything becomes effective. That’s not post frontal, that is just by God feeding. Feed, feed, feed on cloudy days. Post frontal, they are going to lull a little bit but often times, you will catch a bigger fish on post frontal days.