Fall and Winter Jerkbait Bass Fishing: Extreme Refinement Tips

With fall bass fishing in full swing and winter on the doorstep, we’re publishing this cold water jerkbait video to dive into the nuance of coaxing bites from lethargic largemouth bass (see product links below). Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson demonstrates how he uses Garmin Panoptix LiveScope to determine how fast and deep to fish his jerkbait – there’s no guesswork when you’re watching the bass respond (or not) to your lure in real-time. You make the changes necessary to get bites.

Kyle details the wintering structure he’s fishing and goes through how he’s working the bait. Water temperatures in the low 40-degree range have forced him into the classic cold water long pause cadence but with a few cat and mouse tricks thanks to LiveScope. He makes a cool and easy modification to get jerkbaits deeper within the strike zone of wintering bass, and lastly, details his jerkbait spinning rod setup. Peterson covers it all from his ultra-small diameter, 6-pound braided mainline to how a small 1000 size spinning reel and medium-light rod support better overall hookups and landing percentages.   




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