Drop Shot and Spoon Tactics for Fall Bass

Fall smallmouth bass are a sucker for a wide range of lures, so it’s a smart strategy to experiment with different baits to hone in on what’s most effective. Ryan DeChaine and Dan “Duffner” Quinn attack a productive spot armed with a drop shot and spoon and detail how to fish each to trigger bass in cold water. *See product links at the bottom.

Quinn shares his go-to smallmouth bass setup featuring a unique hook and hooking style as well as his confidence bait while DeChaine takes a more aggressive approach with a heavy spoon. Both prove productive on this day with the spoon edging out the more common drop shot.

Fish location can be specific this time of year, so Quinn breaks down areas to look for on mapping and sonar. Both discuss their rod, reel and line setups to fish these productive tactics.





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