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MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock | How to Fish in the Wind

Maintaining boat control while using forward-facing sonar is challenging. Humminbird seeks to solve this problem by combining its MEGA Live transducer with the TargetLock steering shaft. Wired2fish’s Kobie Koenig shows the capabilities of Humminbird MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock and how it excels when used in conjunction with Spot-Lock when fishing in the wind for offshore bass.


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One of the significant downfalls of mounting a forward-facing sonar (aka live sonar) transducer to a trolling motor shaft is that you lose the ability to use live imaging and Spot-Lock simultaneously. With Spot-Lock, the trolling motor continuously readjusts to keep your boat in one place, but with that, your transducer also rotates, inhibiting your ability to keep it pointed at your desired target. Humminbird’s MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock allows you to move your MEGA Live transducer independently from your trolling motor, so boat control isn’t compromised.

On this day, Koenig uses the TargetLock feature to lock his MEGA Live onto a piece of structure (rock-to-grass transition in this case) and let Spot-Lock do its thing in gusty conditions while always keeping eyes on the sweet spot.

A Tokyo-rigged tube was the perfect presentation to get on target quickly and imitate bluegills. Koenig uses the new VMC Tokyo Rig XLS, which features a longer wire, a plus for keeping the bait just above the grass. A 7-foot, six-inch medium-heavy rod with a high-speed reel rounds out his ‘ideal’ offshore bass setup.