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Why Stealth Matters in Bass Fishing

Bass aren’t necessarily the smartest creatures in the world, but they’re certainly perceptive to unnatural sounds and noises in their environment. As bass anglers, this means we have to be extra careful when we’re fishing from bass boats because any type of sudden noise can spook nearby bass and ruin your chances of a successful fishing trip.

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Wired2fish staffer Walker Smith makes several practical and helpful points in this video. He recalls a time in the swimming pool as a child and how well water would carry sound from one side of the pool to the other. Similarly, when we’re slamming lids, throwing tackle in boat compartments and stomping around on the front and back deck, bass can hear that and it makes them much less likely to bite. In addition, boat positioning and shallow-water anchors also play a big role in maximizing your stealth on the water. Approaching high-percentage targets from the down-wind side and deploying your shallow-water anchors can drastically reduce unwanted trolling motor noise when targeting shallow-water bass.

Check out this video for details on how to fine-tune Power-Pole settings for extreme stealth.