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Jenko HyperSense Crappie Spinning Rod Review

Crappie fishermen have enjoyed the improvements in rods, reels and baits in recent years and as I’ve gotten more into this fishing, I’ve enjoyed testing new crappie tackle. One of the rods I’ve been using for the last year is a Jenko HyperSense 7-foot Medium Light Spinning Rod.

The HyperSense Spinning rod features IM8 graphite material, with cork handles, a split grip and 9 stainless steel guides plus the tip. It’s a very sensitive, light and strong rod that I’ve used for casting, vertical jigging, shooting and tight lining jigs in deeper water.

The 7-foot medium light power and fast action gives you enough sensitivity and play to be able to wear a big crappie down but it also has enough back bone to set the hook on a fish in a brush pile and move him up and out of cover without being too stiff you can’t cast or shoot.

The grips are comfortable and rod paired well with both a smaller 1000 sized reel a little bit bigger 2000 size reel. I will often use bigger reels with backing to get better casting out of a crappie reel, but I’ve been really pleased with this rod.

The rod loads well under pressure for shooting docks. The 7-foot length gives me a little better load and distance it seems for shooting docks. I spent most of my time last fall casting and tight lining around medium to deeper brush piles. I like how this rod loads on a hookset when I have a lot of light 4 to 6-pound line out. 

Sometimes with too wispy a rod you can’t get a good hookset at depth and with a too stiff a rod you sacrifice casting distance. So I’ve liked this rod for being able to stay off of the piles and fish light 1/16 ounce jigs as deep as 20 feet with the HyperSense rod.

The guides are just simple stainless steel guides but they feed line well and I’ve not had any issues with rings or anything popping out. So for a quality crappie rod I’ve been very pleased with the components on this rod.

You can order the Jenko HyperSense Spinning rods online at for $49.99 or find them at local retailers that are now carrying Jenko crappie fishing products.

View the slides to see more details about these simple but good quality crappie fishing rods. 

Comfortable, good quality cork handles and grips

Hook hanger for jigs

Works well with both small and larger sized spinning reels

Guides are good and have held up well

Stripper guide uses average components but feeds line well

I’ve caught hundreds of nice crappie on it over the past year